Skills for Building Resilience: The Unbreakable You Continuing Education Course

Enhance your personal and professional life while earning the CE hours you need. 

Learn Clinically-Proven, Practical Tools for Building Resiliency

For counselors, therapists, and social workers looking for quality, online continuing education that can be applied to all areas of life - as a clinician, colleague, partner, parent and friend.

Skills for Building Resilience: The Unbreakable You Continuing Education Course is a self-study online training program that provides helping professionals with the opportunity to learn and apply our research-backed resiliency skills and tools - and create powerful changes in their own life and career. 

This course contains the same content as the Unbreakable You general course, validated in 3 clinical studies by researchers from Duke University to promote clinically significant improvement in every important psychosocial benchmark including: 

Anxiety • Depression • Distress • PTSD • Self-efficacy

Now you can learn the evidence-based concepts and tools that will change your own life and strengthen your current clinical approach to ignite your client's human potential.

What You'll Get

The entire course is available the moment you enroll.


10 Training Modules

The course includes 10 online modules that you can view at your convenience. Over 6 hours of on-demand videos and 36 downloadable tools to help you understand, practice and promote resilience.  

A Continuing Education Certificate for 10 CE contact hours* will be awarded upon completion of all 10 course modules, passing all module quizzes with a score of at least 80%, and completing an evaluation form. 

*Approved by NASW and NAADAC


Online Message Boards

Interact, collaborate and network with other professionals taking the course. 


Unlimited Lifetime Access

Access the videos and tools whenever you're needing support or want to review something you learned in the program. All of the materials and meditations are yours to download and keep for life.  

"This beautifully designed, research-proven, online curriculum provides a simple, yet powerful blend of resiliency tools."

Valarie Bartol
Licensed Professional Counselor

What You'll Learn In Each Module

The Seven Pillars are the foundation of the course and the building blocks of resiliency. Each Pillar Module contains a unique set of tools that will change your own life and strengthen your current clinical approach to ignite your client's human potential.

Module 1: Self-Assessment

In order to set goals for yourself and evaluate exactly how your life has improved by the end of the program, you need to get clear about what’s going on for you as you begin. In this module, you will:

  • Get clear about how you're feeling
  • Identify your strengths and needs
  • Clarify how your life could be better 

Module 2: Foundation

In this Module, you will be introduced to the foundational tools of the program. These tools will help you:

  • Feel calm under pressure
  • Feel connected to your Inner Wisdom
  • Feel empowered to handle whatever life throws at you

Module 3: Hope

The strategies and skills of the Hope Pillar will transform the way you deal with fear. In this module, you will: 

  • Feel empowered to face your fears
  • Train your mind to be more optimistic
  • Learn to take care of yourself around things that are in and out of your control

Module 4: Balance

Many people find life today hectic and over-scheduled, which can leave you feeling out of balance. The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. The strategies and skills of the Balance Pillar will help you: 

  • Achieve a sense of balance by spending more time feeling good
  • Feel better about the activities you "have" to do
  • Take your life (and mind) back from negative thoughts and emotions

Module 5: Inner Strengths

The Inner Strengths Pillar will give you a new lens through which to view yourself and your ability to navigate adversity. In this module, you will:

  • Redefine and empower yourself
  • Reclaim what you need to feel better
  • Unhook from beliefs that don't serve you

Module 6: Self-Care

Everyone deserves to to be taken care of - including you. The strategies and skills of the Self-Care Pillar will help you create new habits of taking care of yourself. Specifically, you will:

  • Learn to listen to your body
  • Harness the power of the mind-body connection
  • Give yourself permission to get your needs met

Module 7: Support

The Support Pillar will help you make the relationships in your life feel as good and supportive as possible. Specifically, this module will help you to:  

  • Cherish your loved ones
  • Communicate your needs
  • Allow yourself to feel supported

Module 8: Spirit

Spirit means different things to different people. Regardless of what you believe, the strategies and skills of the Spirit Pillar will assist you in identifying what you want for yourself at this juncture of your life and help you to:

  • Connect to a source of peace, wisdom, and love
  • Choose beliefs that serve you 
  • Infuse your life with meaning, purpose and joy

Module 9: Life Story

The stories we tell about ourselves and our lives determine how we feel. The Life Story Pillar will help you:  

  • Tell better-feeling stories about yourself, your life, and your ability to adapt to challenges. 
  • Appreciate the lessons of your past
  • Connect to the joy of the present
  • Take control of your future

Tool: Digging Deeper

Since your beliefs inform your decisions, influence your behavior, and affect how you feel about yourself and others, it's important to make sure the beliefs you're living by actually serve you. The Digging Deeper tool will help you:

  • Identify beliefs that don't serve you
  • Find a new way of looking at those beliefs
  • Choose better-feeling thoughts 

Module 10: Graduation

This final module allows you to look back and collect your thoughts on what you've learned about yourself and what you want to take away from the program. You will also: 

  • Acknowledge what you've learned
  • Plan your future
  • Celebrate yourself for how far you've come


NOTE: This self-study course is designed to provide you with the opportunity to learn and apply to your own life our research-backed resiliency skills and tools, which will strengthen both your personal life and professional work. Completion of the course does not serve as certification to teach or facilitate the course or its contents with others. Click here to learn about our Certification Training Program.

About the Course Instructor

A licensed marriage and family therapist and licensed professional counselor and  by training, Kristin MacDermott has spent fifteen years helping people build resilience in the face of life's toughest challenges. Her resiliency skills training program, Unbreakable You, allows people to access the proven tools from the comfort of their own homes. A decade of research with Duke physicians and investigators validates that people who participate in her online resiliency skills training program experience clinically significant improvement in key psychosocial benchmarks, including depression, anxiety, distress, PTSD, self-efficacy and even fatigue.

Skills for Building Resilience: The Unbreakable You Continuing Education Course with Kristin MacDermott, LMFT, LPC




10 Online Modules

On-Demand Videos (6 hrs. 25 min)

36 Clinically-Proven, Downloadable Tools

20 Downloadable Meditations & Guided Visualizations - Yours to Keep Forever

Approved by NASW & NAADAC for 10 CE Hours

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