We help people build resilience and feel empowered.

Just as you can train your body to get physically stronger, you can train your mind to be more resilient. To respond to stressors and navigate challenges in ways that allow you to feel calm, clear and in control — no matter what life throws at you.

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What we do is different

It's not counseling. It's not coaching. It's resiliency skills training.

For Anyone Facing Adversity

No matter what kind of hardship you're facing - an illness, divorce, addiction, grief, or end of life - we offer a range of online programs that will teach you skills to foster a sense of empowerment and peace amidst fear and uncertainty.

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For Anyone Facing Cancer

Everyone deserves the tools to cope with the mental, emotional, and spiritual effects of cancer. We make that possible by making our clinically-proven program available from the comfort of your own home.  

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For Helping Professionals

Are you a helping professional desiring quality continuing education? Our online course provides practical skills and evidence-based tools to help you understand, practice, and promote resilience, while earning the credits you need.  

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"I learned things in the program that I wish I had learned in my early 20s. It would have made my life so much easier!"


"The Unbreakable You program really stands out as a clinically - tested and proven effective program. "

Dr. Kim Lyerly
Director, 2003-2011 Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center

"You’ve given me tools for the rest of my life, no matter what I deal with — whether it’s trauma-related or whether it’s just that life is really busy and hectic and I need to ground myself."


Validated by 3 clinical studies

We have spent over a decade working with researchers from Duke University, proving that our signature program - Unbreakable You - promotes clinically significant improvement in every important psychosocial benchmark, including:

Anxiety • Depression • Distress • PTSD • Self-efficacy

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Our online programs take you through a carefully-designed, step-by-step, proven process, where you learn and practice innovative ways of approaching problems, thinking about your life, and taking care of yourself.


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